Investigate Hexen II & Quake .map files

MapSearch is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful command line tool to find entities in .map files and learn from the skilled mappers (I mean those at Raven, not me!) :-)

It works for Hexen II and Quake .map files as well.

The zip file contains the exe + config file + readme file + changelog.
Please tell me if you see anything wrong or improvable.
Troubleshooting This .net standalone exe decompacts some stuff it needs into a temporary directory... whose content is disposed after a while. Hence the silly error message you may end up with at a given moment (The application to execute does not exist: 'C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Temp\.net\MapSearch1.3\51zfzbtq.q2x\MapSearch1.3.dll'.). Just delete the temporary MapSearch1.3 directory and relaunch the exe. Things will be recreated properly and everything will be fine.