Those who made Hexen II & those who honor them

Some are big names of the Golden Age, some are inspired (and inspiring) fans of today. But all have been contributing to the Hexen II legend, either by taking part in the making of the game at the time or by keeping it alive still today through their fanworks.
This section is my tribute to them all, and I'm extremely proud and grateful to present this series of exclusive interviews!

A big big THANK YOU to all those talented people

Brian Raffel

- 03/13/2021
Brian Raffel is nothing less than the cofounder of Raven Software in 1990 and keeps being the head of the studio still today. He's behind all the games we have been cherishing for 30 years.
 BONUS!  Heretic/Hexen Story: How it was written and evolved, by Michael Raymond-Judy.

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Kevin Schilder

- 11/19/2020
Kevin Schilder is the composer for all the Heretic/Hexen series' music and sound effects. Those beloved anthems forever engraved in our memories are all his oeuvre!

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- 11/02/2020
Barely older than Hexen II, Youtuber Degorram posts entertaining Let's Play videos in which she kicks Serpent Riders' asses with ease while joking around, and kindly shares her passion.

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