to Inky's Hexen II mapping corner...

Here is where I'll put some stuff about mapping for Hexen II. You can already have a look at Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey, my big project, and give a try to my one-of-a-kind (as far as I know) MapSearch, a handy tool which might change your mapper's life, who knows? :)

Over time I want to share with you my toolbox, my mapping tips & tricks, some insights... Because I've been struggling to grasp every piece of knowledge about everything (lmp files, coding, texturing, models, etc.) and it's extremely time consuming and often frustrating. Some of you may have the impression that I tilt at windmills, but all that stuff is really not intuitive when you start mapping for the first time, and my opinion is that's it's better to spend time on making awesome maps than trying to solve mundane problems when the solution is known by others. So I'll make my small contribution to the community, even if (please be sure about that!) I am by far not the most skilled mapper ever and go on learning every day.

Cheers from Paris, France! :)