Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey - RPG addtions

RPG inspired interactions within Hexen II

One of the distinctive features of the Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey missionpack is the importance of the storyline and its gameplay focused on puzzles and sporadic RPG inspired situations.

The most obvious of those will be occasional dialogs with other characters involving choices, in the spirit of the (fake) situation below.

RPG-like dialog Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey

Romantic encounter... or not

Such text panels are made of two sections:
  • Above "---" is what the character says to you.
  • Below are the possible answers among which you are invited to choose by pressing the corresponding key.
Of course, your choice will have an impact and trigger appropriate consequences. That's the spirit of the whole missionpack: all deeds have consequences, such is the Law of Karma. No choice is necessarily better than another. It's up to you to decide. No choice will prevent you from performing the overall quest anyway, and you may want to play the game several times to try something new each time and see what has changed (it will never be as extreme as unlocking or missing whole map parts, yet).

In order to choose your answer, you have to press the matching key on your keyboard. Unless you changed the default game's bindings 1, 2, 3 and 4 are already used for weapon selection. Then you may choose four not already bound keys. In my case it was v, b, n and m (conveniently in a row). Each of them has to be bound to impulse 24X where X is the corresponding answer number, ranging from 1 to maximum 4.

To put it short, here are the recommended bindings to set up in the console before starting playing:
bind v "impulse 241"
bind b "impulse 242"
bind n "impulse 243"
bind m "impulse 244"
Those impulse commands are ignored by the vanilla game and will have no effect out of the choice situations.

Caveat Despite being spiced up with a few interactive dialogs, Wheel Of Karma keeps being a true Hexen II campaign. It's not an RPG based on the Hexen II engine. So dialogs will occur only at very specific moments and places. Don't take for granted that they will pop right away from the beginning and all along the way: Wheel Of Karma will be a long quest about 20 to 30 maps, so please let it find its pace over time and incremental releases. Kindly set up your keyboard now, and wait with indulgence for the rest to come in its time... ;-)

Bindings done? Ready? Jump into the adventure!

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