Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey

Full single player Tulku themed missionpack for Hexen II - Exploration, nice architectures, secrets & puzzles...

Wheel Of Karma

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Detailed sub pages: online readme (overview & thanks) | RPG elements (+related config)

I have been starting working on this project from early 2019, a full single player Tulku themed adventure missionpack for Hexen II with all that I like: narration, exploration, nice architectures, hidden secrets, cool mechanics, tricky puzzles... and even an occasional RPG touch!
It will also have a strong storyline continuing the Heretic/Hexen + Chronicle of Deeds + Portal of Praevus storyline (I managed to set a story respecting the pitch bible of all of them, phew!).

Wheel Of Karma prologue


Rumors from Tulku are disturbing...
Months after Praevus' defeat, something still seems wrong. The four main civilizations of Thyrion, as well as less prominent civilizations like Agawara, Qazzarith and Babalpor, established embassies in Tulku to ensure that everything was returning to normal. But one after the other, the embassies ceased sending any messages to their homelands.
As the clouds of inquietude spread over Thyrion and the fear of new dangers makes people tremble, a hero must rise.

Don't expect tons of monsters. They will be there for sure, at least to avoid a feeling of emptiness in the maps, some will also be actual parts of puzzles, but action has never been my number one priority as a player, so it won't be as a mapper either.

I love the Tulku hub (all the more that I waited so many years before I eventually discovered Portal of Praevus) and my opinion is that Raven did a great job on it but could have made an even better one. The tibetan theme offers lots of opportunities and ideas they didn't exploit to their fullest I think. PoP has also interesting features compared to the original maps (like objectives) and I do want to use them. Eventually I am attracted by that part of Asia.

Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey

Start map: Winnowing Pass

As its name suggests, the whole "odyssey" will have a fairly high number of maps, maybe around 20 or 30. It will take me years for sure, but Part 1 (6 maps) is already available: GET IT NOW!

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