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Title Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey (Part 1)
Author Inky
Description A Tulku themed campaign based on Portal of Praevus (actually a sequel) focusing on storyline, puzzles, RPG elements and other surprises.
Download https://www.moddb.com/mods/wheel-of-karma-a-tulku-odyssey
  1. Unzip the contents into your Hexen 2 folder: Karma2 folder + uhexen2.exe
  2. Launch the bat. It starts PoP and opens the starting menu.
  3. Choose your player class and difficulty the normal way and the mod will start instead of vanilla PoP.
If you set music to midi, you'll have the pleasure to hear some good old well known musics.
Don't hesitate to send feedback: I'll fix the bugs you report and update the mod.
Content 1 episode, 6 maps this far (20 to 30 planned in the final release)
Single Player
Deathmatch 2-4 Player
Difficulty Settings
Customized stuff Imported, adapted or brand new textures, graphics, sounds, musics, progs...
Base New from scratch
Known Bugs Some brush work briefly disappears on the Summit map when you walk in a certain direction, probably due to too much lights on brush faces and the engine can't follow but go on walking and it's back to normal right away.

Due to the highly customized progs, bugs are always possible (actually some occured even in the vanilla game!). Everything should be okay but save your games fairly often, just in case (notably before you summon a White Servant).
Copyright / Permissions Authors may borrow some contents for their own work provided they ask me first.

You may distribute the mod in any electronic format, provided you leave the included readme file intact (with no modifications). In such case, please also have the courtesy to ask me first.


A big thank you to for
Id and RavenCreating fantastic games that still federates fans from all over the world decades after their release
Amtinaoüs, a French electronic music band of the same era that inspires me for about as long as the aforementioned games (a whole bunch of proper nouns in the mod are tributes to their tracks)
The authors of all tools used (especially Shanjaq for his engine adaptations tailored for Wheel Of Karma and Eric W. for his super kind availability)
RedfieldThe exclusive wonderful tibetan flags he made for me + his good avdvices
KellThe stunning skybox he kindly adapted especially to fit the Summit map needs
PreachAll his precious map hacks & tricks
WhirledTsar and MathuzTheir precious beta testing, help, advice and more
dumptruck_dsHis fantastic video tutorials series about mapping & TrenchBroom
Func_MsgBoard community Valuable support and help
HexenWorld community Valuable support and help
Brian WaakHis Ovinomancer Imp, on which the White Servant is based
Artist John FlemingHis Grass Blades located in Seattle, used to make the texture found in one of the secret areas
RinoHis famous missionpack which inspired me to start this crazy long-term endeavor