About me

My short presentation as a Hexen II mapper

I am a lover of the DHQH (Doom, Heretic, Quake and Hexen) series from the beginning. I've played those games hundreds of times and it's always a renewed pleasure, even after decades. I'm a bit surprised but so glad to know I'm far from being the only one!

In the late 2010s I discovered Rino's missionpack and that was a real shock for me. Those maps had such a nice atmosphere and conveyed so much personality (not to mention they helped to brush up on my Italian! XD) my interest for Hexen II immediately regained vigor. That inspiring work made me want to try my own luck in mapping right away!

So from early 2019 I have been starting working on my own project, Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey. I made a page about that project if you are curious about it.

For me it's very important (and always a pleasure) to exchange about the DHQH series, especially about Heretic/Hexen because we are not so many to be still interested in them, and even less on the mapping scene. So I made this site to share, exchange, and hopefully help our small community to improve its overall knowledge about mapping techniques, tools, ideas, etc. and create emulation, at my humble level.

Please don't hesitate to contact me! :)
I am also on HexenWorld, Heretic fandom and Func_Msgboard.